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“Perfect Single Shot Development Class. Troy”, MI USA

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Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club. PPC Indoor Cash Match. Sunday June 14, 2015

Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club. PPC Indoor Cash Match. Sunday June 14, 2015

Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club. PPC Indoor Cash Match. Sunday June 14, 2015

Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club. PPC Indoor Cash Match. Sunday June 14, 2015

Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club. PPC Indoor Cash Match. Sunday June 14, 2015

Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club. PPC Indoor Cash Match. Sunday June 14, 2015

Third Place: Ruslan Dyatlov, High Master 594, 26(X) 297+297 :)


SHOOT-n-STEAK. PPC Indoor Cash Match

PPC Indoor Cash Match

Schedule your appointment for the next workshop with Ruslan Dyatlov: “Essential Elements of Competitive Olympic Pistol Target Shooting”

Get Ready for your next Olympic Style Pistol Target Shooting event in your terms! It is time to take control on your own hands!

The next workshop will be available at Troy Michigan:”Essential Elements of Competitive Olympic Pistol Target Shooting, by Midwest Academy Consulting Group by Ruslan Dyatlov in June 27-28, July 25-26 & August 29-30 , 2015. The group limit is to 3-4 participants. International students are welcome!

Two-day workshop , (Eight hours).

Perfect Single Shot Development Class by Ruslan Dyatlov Troy, Michigan USA
Perfect Single Shot Development Class by Ruslan Dyatlov Troy, Michigan USA

Workshop  Fee: $750.00

Write your own story!


Reference material will be provided after fulfillment of the  workshop fee.

Contact me for pricing, accommodation and transfer from Detroit airport (DTW) details, if you need.

THE MET Hotel Detroit -Troy: 5500 Crooks Rd, 48098 Troy

  • Internet access – wireless (complimentary).
  • Breakfast available (surcharge)
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool – indoor

Shooting range :  OCSCOakland County Sportsmen’s Club

Competitive Performance: Invest wisely! Plan your Success! Divulge yourself in  the New level of knowledge. Take the action!

Call for details :1-248-935-3257





Date:                       May 31, 2015

Range:                    Riverside Shooting Club (Duncan’s Outdoors) 501 Salzburg Bay City, MI 48706

Course of Fire:     

 Match 1:                 International Three Position;   (M/W) 40 shots prone, 40 shots standing, 40 shots kneeling – [International Three Position Championship] includes finals, all will fire, at the end of their relay.  (10 Shots standing fired about 10 minutes after the relays scores are posted)

 Match 2:                  Two man team match using 3P scores from Match 1 – [Team Match]

 Match 3:                  Free Pistol – 60 shots

Time Limit:            Kneeling : 62  Prone  :75; Standing :74;; Targets will be posted in 20 shot stages. (15 minutes will be allowed between positions for equipment change).

Miscellaneous:       All shooters must be a member of USA Shooting. Foreign shooters must be members of their National Association.   Limit 20 shooters, matches will be fired on Orion smallbore targets. (electronic scoring) Membership applications will be available for USA Shooting.  Shooters will hang their own targets.  No, shooter’s equipment may be beyond the firing line   EAR & EYE PROTECTION AND OBI ARE MANDITORY.

Classification:        USA Shooting classification will be used.  If a shooter does not have an international classification, they will be assigned a classification using their highest smallbore classification.  League averages and temporary score books will be allowed.  There will be no combining of classes or classifications. Categories: Senior s; and Juniors meeting the following age requirements:  :  “J1” Competitors who have their 18th to 20th birthday in 2015; “J2” Competitors who have their 15th to 17th birthday in 2015; “J3” Competitors who will not reach their 15th birthday in 2015.

Rules:                     Current USA Shooting International rule will govern.

Perfect Single Shot Development in Olympic Pistol & Police Pistol Combat in 2016. Troy Michigan.

Perfect Single Shot Development in Olympic Pistol & Police Pistol Combat in 2016. Troy, Michigan.

Olympic Style Target Shooting, Ruslan Dyatlov at the Shooting range, FREE Pistol TOZ-35M

Olympic Style Target Shooting, Ruslan Dyatlov at the Shooting range, FREE Pistol TOZ-35M

If you are looking for tools to enchase your performance, or a new missing piece of information to move higher in your performance, this is a place to start searching for some answers. Simply sign up for the class or just visit our blog more often and I‘m certain you will able to find the way to help yourself. Do not hesitate to ask questions. There are no strict limits in our sport stated yet; we are limited only with our thoughts, beliefs, or imagination. Release your brake pedal and enjoy a new way and level of performance designed for you by Midwest Academy Consulting Group. Initial consultation is FREE and the Evaluation of your current performance is FREE. Each session will be supported by a specific guided timeframe; there is no chance to lose confidence in your way toward excellence in your performance.

We have a SYSTEM, we will introduce you to a new STRUCTURE, we will arm you with a NEW STRATEGY, and you will choose how long you need our SUPPORT for your SUCCESS. “The Five S ™” by Midwest Academy Consulting Group. Available options are: three months, six months, or one year support. The choice is yours. Contact us for price quotes or hit me with your best, hard questions.

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Get Ready for your Next PPC Match

16 30th Annual PPC Match

“Lt. Joseph Beesley Memorial”

39 guns or more, 1 Safe,1 RMR Sight, will be given away *COW1G+MG



Thu, Fri

Sat, Sun





Jan 7

Jan 8,9

Jan 10-14

Jan 15

Jan 16

Jan 17







My Scores at 2015 MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships

My Scores at  2015 MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships

PPC Combat State Match 298+295= 593 (34X) High Master 17th Place

2015 MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships

2015 MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships
Ruslan Dyatlov 593

2015 MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships

2015 MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships
Ruslan Dyatlov 593

PPC Service Match 298+295= 593 (26X) High Master 

2015 MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships

2015 MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships
Ruslan Dyatlov 593

Getting Ready for MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships 2015

PPC/Olympic Pistol/ ISSF

PPC/Olympic Pistol/ ISSF
Crash Course With Ruslan Dyatlov

I am Getting Ready for MPCPA Annual State Indoor Championships 2015.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, April 11th and 12th, 2015.

TIMES: 9 A.M. – 4 P.M. with registrations ending at 3 P.M. sharp each day.

WHERE: Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club, 1140 Butcher Rd. Fenton, Mi. 48430

COURSE: Course of fire will be the indoor 50’ course using B-27R targets. Scoring will be done using the Lewis System. Challenges will cost $3.00 and the Match Director’s decision will be final. The “B” target will break all ties.

“The perfect shot”, with Ruslan Dyatlov.

“The perfect shot”, with Ruslan Dyatlov.

In September 2012 I took a three days course, ‘the perfect shot’, with Ruslan Dyatlov.

 "The perfect shot", with Ruslan Dyatlov

“The perfect shot”, with Ruslan Dyatlov
Roy & Ruslan, Birmingham, Michigan

I started Olympic style pistol shooting just 6 months before the course, including air pistol, free pistol and standard pistol. Although reaching relatively good results for a newbie, I felt that something was missing.

Being an engineer, I like things being structured. After 6 months of practicing and competing intensively, I knew a lot of technique ‘pieces’, but I did not have a system, a clear process that I could follow, that when executed meticulously, will make every shot the ‘perfect shot’.

Hence I started to look around for help. I did not limit myself to my area of living, which is Sweden, but looked globally, as I wanted to learn from the best.

Very quickly I came across Ruslan Dyatlov, which was active in several forums and engaged in discussions about Olympic style shooting technique. I gave him a phone call, and the course he described sounded exactly what I was looking for – learning a process that will make every single shot, the perfect one!. After the phone call, I booked dates with him, and soon after, I was on the plane for the 10 hours flight to Troy, Michigan.

Ruslan came to pick me from the airport, and made sure I am comfortable in the hotel. Next morning he came to pick me from the hotel for the first day of the course. I was expecting that we will drive strait to the shooting range, and was very surprised when Ruslan said that the first day is all theory. I thought to myself – how much theory can there possibly be about shooting a hand gun?

In this sense, the first day was a real eye opener for me.  We spend the whole first day discussing the individual elements of the ‘perfect shot’ and how the elements are combined into a process. This day of theory was an incredible experience for me. For the first time, I could understand why some of my shots where good, and felt good, and why others felt bad, and were bad. By learning each element of the shooting process, and working on perfecting it, I could finally make the logical connection between the different steps. Ruslan explained each step of the process in length, and we dry practiced the theory with an air gun. I took a lot of notes, Ruslan was kind enough to share tips and tricks from his vast experience as an Olympic style shooter. At the end of the first day, I had my head and notebook full of valuable information that I was anxious to start implementing.

Day two was all action! We started with going to an open-air range with a .22 that Ruslan had with him. For a few hours and a few hundred rounds, I tried to implement the theory from the previous day into practice. I shot the whole time ‘Olympic style’, single handed at 25 yards. Ruslan was for the whole time just behind my shoulder, watching, correcting and explaining. It was great, great, great! I could see, literally, how towards the end of the session my groupings got smaller and smaller. Now I had a process I could follow and perfect over time.

The second part of the day was pure ‘bang-bang’ fun activity. Ruslan took me to an indoor shooting range were he rented a few handguns (I could basically pick anything I wanted to try) and I spend a couple of hours shooting a few hundreds of various calibers rounds.

The third day was more of the same, but with a twist. The ‘Olympic style’ practice also included more advanced exercises. One of them which I thought was exceptionality challenging was that Ruslan ‘messed up’ the sights on the pistol, and I had to find the correct settings again, in the shortest time possible (by shooting, marking and adjusting). This exercise was to practice a situation where my gun breaks down in a completion, and I have to use another one which was not setup for me beforehand. Very interesting it was!. The second half of the third day was yet again more fun activity, with another session of shooting anything I wanted to try! 

Since the course, I have implemented the process and techniques that I have learned from Ruslan, and I see a steady improvement in my results. From time to time, I get back to the notes I took during the course, and I find myself very often re-discovering valuable information. It could be something that Ruslan taught me and I forgot, or something that Ruslan mentioned during the course that I only fully understood after having more experience in the sport.

 All in all, I am so very happy and pleased with the course I took with Ruslan. Not only that I have learned so much valuable information that really helped me with my development, it was also a pleasure to spend the time with Ruslan. He is a very helpful and honest person, and I could really feel that it was important for him that I make the best of my stay.

Roy Weg


My next PPC Match is 2015 MPCPA Indoor State Championship

2015 MPCPA Indoor State Championship.

Mark your calendar; this is your last chance to win a pistol in 2015!

PPC Match in Michigan: PPC Match: APRIL11-12, 2015

AWARDS: FIRST MATCH: 1st Springfield XDS 3.3” 9mm, 2nd Ruger 10/22 Stainless

Takedown With Hard Case, 3rd “Cash” in each class utilizing the Lewis System.

Top 20 MPCPA

Top 20 MPCPA


MEMBERS will be eligible for the State

Championship Match Awards, handed

out at the Annual Banquet each year.

SECOND MATCH: All shooters will be

eligible for 50% of the money for this match as “Cash” awards in 5 classes using

the Lewis System. Amounts and how deep in each class will be determined by

the number of shooters.


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